Culture code

Our cultural code is the way to understand the uniqueness of the region.

We have inherited 1000 years of history, age-old traditions of different ethnic groups inhabiting the territory of our region, with their culture, language and mentality, and now it is a folk alloy, multiculturalism and multiconfessionalism. The unity of such diversity is based on tolerance and mutual respect for the traditions of the peoples of Tatarstan. It is encoded in our cultural code, reflected nobly in our architecture, museum treasures, in modern culture and everyday life, determines our mentality and philosophy of life.  The preservation of the national diversity and cultural code of Tatarstan are the most important principles in building cultural and social policy in the republic.

Tatarstan today is one of the most developed and innovative regions of Russia. Here, a Man represents an intrinsic value, and the creation of favorable conditions for his development and improvement is the highest goal of the Strategy of Tatarstan 2030. This goal is subordinated to our desire to lay the foundations of spiritual culture in the younger generations through theaters, museums, national holidays and festivals, to instill the love of the people for our history, culture and native languages, while developing in step with the times.

We continue to write our cultural code.

Welcome to Tatarstan!

19 June 2022

45th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee

The international discussion platform will be attended by about 4 thousand delegates, including the Ministers of Culture, Education and Ecology, as well as professional non-governmental organizations ICOMOS.

7 September 2022

XXXII Annual International Conference of the RAHR, 2022

The scientific sessions of the conference will be attended by leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of human reproduction. The conference will be provided from September 7, 2022 in HSEC Korston. The operator of the conference is the largest federal organizer of medical conferences is CTO "Congress".

19 September 2022

Triennial Working Group WOAM ICOM CC

The Working Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials (WOAM) will meet in Kazan to discuss the degradation and preservation of organic archaeological sites, the reburial and inspection of objects, as well as the processing of objects from organic archaeological materials after conservation.