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State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve "Kazan Kremlin"

The Kazan Kremlin is not only the official residence of the President Republic of Tatarstan. It is here that the historical and most ancient part of Kazan is located. A huge white-stone complex, which includes architectural and archaeological monuments, as well as temples - Orthodox and Muslim. The most interesting museums and architectural monuments are collected here.

The State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve "Kazan Kremlin" stands on a hill, surrounded by two rivers - the Volga and Kazanka. It keeps the history of how Ivan the Terrible took the city, how cannons were kept here under Peter I, and during the fires, when the whole city was burning, a fresco with the image of the Kazan Mother of God survived.

Since 2000 Kazan Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entrance to the territory is possible from two sides, through the Spasskaya and Taynitskaya towers. You can enter and walk around the historic center for free.

Kul-Sharif Mosque

The most recognizable landmark of the capital of Tatarstan is the Kul-Sharif Mosque. It can accommodate 1,500 people, 10,000 more will fit in the square in front of it. In the interiors you will see fancy ligature, openwork fences, woven carpets, quotes from the Koran written in gold.

The Syuyumbike Tower

The Leaning Syuyumbike Tower is one meter higher than the Leaning Tower, and the deviation of its spire from the axis is almost two meters. To prevent it from falling, the building was surrounded by an iron belt. But once the tower served as a watchtower, this is one of the oldest structures in Kazan. Its history is full of mysteries, and it is customary to make wishes at the walls of Syuyumbike.

Staraya Tatarskaya sloboda

Historically, Muslim Tatars lived in this area, who were forbidden to live in the upper part of the city after the conquest of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. At one time, representatives of the Tatar culture, intellectuals and clergy, industrialists and manufacturers lived in this part of the city.

Today, several old mosques and mansions of Tatar merchants have survived here. The architecture of the local buildings stands out for its originality. Even today, walking around the settlement, you can imagine how the Tatars lived a couple of centuries ago - every house, every mosque carefully preserves the history of the deep antiquity. 

Tourists will see the following attractions here:

- Lake Kaban with its secrets and legends

 - The Mardzhani Mosque - one of the oldest stone mosques in the city (built personally with the permission of Catherine the Great)

 - House of Shamil

 - House - Museum of Kayum Nasyiri

 - Mosques (Nurulla Mosque, Apanaevskaya Mosque, Burnaevskaya Mosque, Blue Mosque)

To immerse yourself in Tatar life even more, we recommend visiting national master classes (for example, in Tatar cuisine, Arabic calligraphy); go to thematic museums (for example, the chak-chak museum). It is here that you can get acquainted with real Tatar cuisine (there are several national institutions for every budget on the lake embankment) and buy national souvenirs.

Bauman Street  

The main pedestrian artery of Kazan starts at the foot of the Kazan Kremlin and ends at the metro station on Tukay Square. The architectural appearance of the street is formed by buildings of the 17th – 20th centuries, for example, the Press House in the form of an open book or the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral. Unusual sculptures - the carriage of Catherine II, fountains with pigeons, the zero kilometer of Kazan and the monument to Fyodor Chaliapin - give a unique historical flavor. The most striking sights of the street are Epiphany, Nikolsky Cathedrals and St. John the Baptist Monastery.

State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve "Island-City Sviyazhsk"

Sviyazhsk is a picturesque , a quiet island up the Volga from Kazan. Previously, it was also called a round mountain, because its shores rise above the water surface and are cut off by cliffs from several sides. An excursion to Sviyazhsk is an opportunity, far from the bustle of the city, to get acquainted with the history of the Kazan Territory and a wonderful monument of Russian antiquity - the cult architecture of Russian architects of the 16th century.

A unique monument for the whole world that played a huge historical role for Russia - The Assumption Monastery of the Mother of God is included in the list of UNESCO sites.

The Great Bolgar

On the territory of modern Tatarstan in the 9-13th centuries there was one of the largest early feudal states - the Volga Bulgaria, about which has survived many references in historical foreign memoirs. The city of Bulgar has repeatedly become the capital of this state, which today, in its restored and renewed form, attracts the attention of numerous tourists. Now the Bulgarian State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve is working on the territory of the settlement, and work continues on the restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments. Many of them are included in the Unified Register of UNESCO World Heritage.

The White Mosque

The White Mosque is a young architectural monument, but today it has become an integral part of the culture of the Great Bolgar. It was built in 2012 near the entrance to the city. The grandeur and scale of the building attracts travelers, and the oriental flavor and interior decoration of the mosque create the atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale.


The immersive show "Anna Karenina" is the brightest theatrical event in Kazan

The famous novel by Tolstoy was transferred to an old mansion, where the action takes place on 1700 square meters. Wearing a mask, you will find yourself in the epicenter of events and become a part of this story. Interacting with decorations, household items, choosing your own route, you can plunge headlong into the atmosphere of the 19th century and follow any of the heroes of the novel, move from scene to scene in a chaotic manner, explore the house, or wait for the action to overtake you by itself. Feel like a ghost wandering through a house filled with people, watch them ... The main thing is to concentrate on your feelings and not try to depend on other spectators. An immersive performance is your personal experience. Be open to him.

There are 20 theaters in Kazan. Here are the most popular ones:  

Musa Jalil Opera and Ballet Theater

The Musa Jalil Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the largest musical theaters in Russia. Performances with complex scenography and lighting effects are staged here. Every year the theater hosts two large-scale international festivals - an opera festival dedicated to the singer Fyodor Shalyapin, and a ballet festival named after the world famous artist Rudolf Nureyev.

Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theater 

The Tatar State Academic Theater is named after the famous playwright and writer Galiaskar Kamal. For more than 100 years the theater has been supporting and promoting Tatar drama to the masses.

Tatar State Puppet Theater "Ekiyat"

Tatar State the Ekiyat puppet theater is one of the oldest theaters in Tatarstan, founded in 1934. Since 1974 the theater has been a member of UNIMA - the International Organization of Puppet Theaters. The repertoire of the theater consists of more than 50 performances, based on fairy tales of the peoples of the world and modern works.

Youth Theater on Bulak

The Youth Theater on Bulak is conceived as a center for creative initiatives, a platform that allows young groups to stage their own experimental performances. There is no chic inherent in the interiors of academic theaters, but all the attention of the audience is paid to the artistry of the troupe. The theater staged modern authors, supplementing the repertoire with classics.

KFU Planetarium

The planetarium of Kazan Federal University is located on the territory of the Astronomical Observatory named after V.P. Engelhardt, the total area of ​​the observatory is about 21 hectares. The time spent here will allow you to better understand how the planets move around the Sun, how stars are born, live and die, how many topics for study space gives us. The excursion program has a strong educational character and is aimed at popularizing astronomy.


Squash court "In Joy Arena Squash" on the territory of the Ak Bars Arena stadium

Squash is an exciting and dynamic game with a racket that combines the prestige of tennis, dynamism badminton and ping pong reaction speed. This is one of the most intense sports games in terms of physical activity, energy expenditures when playing squash are 2 - 3 times higher than when playing tennis. In Joy Arena Squash offers perfectly flat surfaces, a built-in soundbar signaling out, special rackets and balls.

«Fast and Furious» Karting Center

Fast and Furious Karting Center is a great option for relaxation for the whole family, as well as those who love active playing. There is a modern indoor karting track, a bowling alley, billiards, 9-hole mini-golf, a crossbow shooting range, karaoke, bars, a cozy coffee shop, a children"s room.

Sports and shooting complex "Olympus"

Here you can shoot from crossbows with and without a telescopic sight, various bows, from an air rifle and a pistol in various shooting ranges, mark knives, axes and play darts with friends.

Climbing wall "Jim"

Rock climbing is a popular sport today, which has become an excellent alternative to fitness centers. The new Jim climbing wall on Mazita Gafuri Street is one of the largest climbing walls in Tatarstan. Here you have the opportunity to train with a trainer or on your own. At the climbing wall, you can go in for rock climbing for speed, for difficulty and bouldering (passing short difficult tracks without belaying).

The wind tunnel

The wind tunnel is the most popular sports attraction. This is a free fall simulator. You seem to have jumped with a parachute. Only in a wind tunnel no special training is needed and it is absolutely safe. Incredible emotions are guaranteed.

Even children from 3-4 years old can fly in a wind tunnel.

Rope parks "SKY PARK"

The rope park consists of rope structures at a height 1-8 meters above the ground, which are designed for visitors of all ages and different physical fitness. "SKY PARK" is suitable for active family and corporate recreation. Recently, such parks have become very popular in Russia. Here you can forget about the bustle of the city and test your strength, overcome fears and feel like a real extreme. Rope parks are located on the territory of the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky forest.

Rope park "Pautina"

Rope park "Pautina" one of the largest rope parks in Russia and the largest rope park in Tatarstan. More than 80 stages of the mesmerizing cobweb of the rope park are waiting for you: 20 stages for children from 6 to 10 years old and 60 stages for adults and children from 11 years old. It is located on the territory of the Lebyazhye recreation center.

Air rides by helicopter

A helicopter flight over Kazan or its environs will give you a unique opportunity to enjoy stunning bird"s-eye views and feeling of freedom and adrenaline rush in your blood!

Rent of catamarans and boats on Lake Kaban

Boating and water biking are a great opportunity to enjoy the water element, measured waves, splashes of oars both during the day and in the evening.


In Kazan, thanks to the nature of the Blue Lake, you can go diving all year round. If you are not afraid of cold water and are interested in the underwater world, then this entertainment is for you. Do not be afraid of cold weather, because in winter, thanks to the abundant overgrowth of algae covering the lake, a particularly contrasting landscape with snow-capped shores is created.

«Sviyazhskie Hills» Resort City

Sviyazhskie Hills Resort City hills will not leave indifferent any of its guests due to its incredible scenic beauty and wide range of services. In winter, it is a ski holiday of the European level, in summer - an 18-hole golf course that meets the highest world standards. The close proximity of the Volga and Sviyaga rivers not only emphasizes the beauty and harmony of the place, but also gives the guests of Sviyazhskiye Hills the opportunity to relax on the water in the warm season. The complex offers for rent bicycles, segways, catamarans, boats, etc.

In addition to seasonal entertainment, guests can enjoy bowling and billiards, karaoke, spa and hammam.

Kazan circus

Kazan State Circus has become one of the main attractions of the city due to its unusual building. Just imagine: you are walking down the street - and then a huge "flying saucer" appears in front of you! It didn"t seem to you. In this form, the circus is presented, where performances have been shown for many years.

Riviera Water Park

One of the largest water parks not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Riviera is open all year round. There are both indoor and outdoor pools, which are heated and functional even in winter. A huge complex of 50 attractions, hydromassage pools and a SPA area. You can come here for a couple of hours or for the whole day with the whole family.

Amusement Park "Kyrlay"

Thirty rides for adults and children, including "Free Fall" and "Flying saucer". Sports fields and stunning views from the Ferris wheel. The Kyrlay Park awaits visitors from April to September. Here lives the raccoon Timerkhan, who predicted the results of the 2018 World Cup.

Park of entertaining sciences "Laboratorium"

Park of entertaining sciences "Laboratorium" is an entertaining and educational family center that allows you to plunge into an extraordinary the world of science and understand the nature of the origin of various phenomena in the surrounding world. Park "Laboratorium" is a museum of entertaining science, science shows, a planetarium, science workshops, a creative workshop, a laboratory of creativity, celebrating birthdays and holidays in a scientific style.

 Kazan Zoo and Botanical Garden

In the early 1800s, there was just a botanical garden on the basis of the university: they brought various, including exotic, plants. And then the students got the idea to make a zoo corner here. So in 1920, the first pets appeared. Today it is one of the oldest zoos in all of Europe. The beautiful territory is conducive to long walks, and the opportunity not only to see, but also to feed the animals makes the place popular with parents with children.

Parks and wooded areas

Kazan"s parks are real oases for those who want to take a break from the bustle of the city, admire nature and breathe fresh air. You can rent seasonal equipment, exercise in the workout area, take a variety of trails, or have a picnic on the lawn. There are modern playgrounds for children. For lovers of photo shoots, many parks have art objects and photo zones.  

The Kazan Family Center

The Kazan Family Center is a new wedding palace built in 2013 on the banks of the Kazanka River. The two-level observation deck on the roof of the Kazan is located at a height of 32 meters. The scale of the city is felt here: a panoramic view of the Kazanka river bed, the Volga, the Kremlin, the old and new parts of Kazan opens.

Ecopark "Wild Farm"

In the village of Stepanovka, Rybno-Slobodsky district deep in the forest, the Wild Farm is located. Here you will remember about unity with nature - fresh air, the scent of a coniferous forest and silence! Communication with the inhabitants of the "Wild Farm" - rare for Tatarstan sika deer and marals brought from Altai Mountains, will leave you an unforgettable experience. The idea of ​​starting a farm is very simple and selfless. Its owner raises and maintains a hundred deer so that when they grow up, they can safely go into the forest, into nature.

18 May 2023

International Economic Summit "Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit-2023"

The aim of the Summit is to strengthen trade, economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural ties between Russia and the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

18 May 2023

International exhibition of Halal industry "Russian Halal Expo'23"

Russia Halal Expo is the largest Halal industry exhibition in Russia and the only one in the Volga Federal District, which will allow manufacturers of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad to present their Halal products and services, find new sales markets, and buyers to find reliable suppliers.

2 October 2023

6th Global WorldCALL Conference

WorldCALL aims to improve the teaching of languages using computers and learning in the global community. Conference will be hosted by Kazan Federal University, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Kazan, Russia. Tentative dates: 2 to 5 October 2023