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Guzal Burnayeva

"When thousands of experts from different countries come together to one destination to raise collective knowledge — this is a magic!"

Ruslan Garipov

"Hosting international events helps to increase the investment and tourist attractiveness of the region and contributes to the development of infrastructure and downstream industries"

Lyudmila Kozlova

"Kazan has altered very much for the last 10 years.  Today Kazan is the third capital of Russia and a unique destination from economic, scientific, cultural and sport perspectives, that makes the city and the region more and more attractive for foreign organizations"

Anna Narsova

"Kazan is a unique millennial city with thousands of opportunities for business tourism and leisure. Our team will help you to understand this diversity so that you can implement any of Your ideas"

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3 November 2021

АРТ- галерея. Казань

Место проведения: ВЦ "Казанская Ярмарка"

1 December 2021

Машиностроение. Металлообработка.Сварка. Казань

Место проведения: ВЦ "Казанская Ярмарка"