Unusual venues

International equestrian complex "Kazan"

On the territory there is a sports and demonstration area with indoor and outdoor stands, as well as a hippodrome field for training and competition of horses with a racetrack and treadmill. Due to the large territory and developed infrastructure, it can be used for various events in conjunction with horse races, including exhibitions, receptions, etc.

Maximum conference room capacity - 50 people

Exhibition area - 4148 sq.m.

Ak Bars Arena stadium

The unique infrastructure of the Ak Bars Arena stadium allows holding events of various formats. The multifunctional business complex of the stadium has a full range of services for organizing conferences, forums, negotiations, trainings and other events. The stadium hosts large-scale cultural projects.

Maximum capacity of the conference room is 400 people

Exhibition area - 800 sq.m.

Kazan City Hall

Unique historical building. 8 palace halls, 2 multifunctional halls, protocol room. The building is equipped with modern audiovisual equipment. Suitable for holding official events of Russian and international level.

Maximum conference room capacity - 300 people

Exhibition area - 462 sq.m.

The all-season resort town "Sviyazhskie Hills"

The resort town "Sviyazhskie Hills" offers its guests ski winter, summer sports and other types of recreation, as well as a developed infrastructure with the possibility of accommodation and conference halls with modern equipment for various events. Sviyazhskie hills have a developed infrastructure that allows them to host various business events, from trainings to business seminars. The resort is located in a picturesque area, and the close proximity of the Volga and Sviyaga rivers makes it possible to relax on the water in the warm season.

Maximum conference room capacity - 350 people

Exhibition area - 462 sq.m.

Ice Sports Palace Tatneft Arena

Concerts and holidays

An event of any scale and complexity can be held in Tatneft Arena. Maximum comfort for visitors and a professional attitude towards the performers - be they athletes or artists - is guaranteed. The seats in the stands are located so that a comfortable and complete view from any point of the hall is obtained, and a four-sided video cube, suspended under the roof of the complex, allows viewers to see what is happening from a closer distance. The ice arena of the palace can be easily transformed into a concert hall. Sections of the seats adjacent to the ice arena retract automatically. A special coating is laid on the floor in the arena bowl, on which the sections of the seats are installed. So the ice arena turns into a comfortable parterre with a capacity of 1080 people, and the total capacity of the hall is 8485 seats.

Street events

The palace is located in such a way that no need to block traffic. The stage is mounted on the dais, and the audience is located on the square in front of the ice palace. The adjoining area in front of the Tatneft Arena is 30,000 sq. meters. There is enough space for any, even the most ambitious event.

Center for Contemporary Culture "Smena"

 Smena includes a gallery of contemporary art, a lecture hall and a bookstore. Suitable for a small event or exhibition.

Maximum capacity of the conference room is 150 people

Exhibition area - 250 sq.m.

The residence of the creative industries "Shtab" 

The residence of the creative industries  "Shtab"is a multifunctional space for the development of the creative potential of residents of the city and the republic. It is a place where events of both urban and international proportions take place. Suitable for a small event or exhibition.

Maximum conference room capacity - 200 people

Exhibition area - 150 sq.m.

Container Center “Cube”

The new Cube site is located in the Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky forest, in one of the modern parks that Kazan residents love. These are 16 large and three small shipping containers that form a modular space, connected by passages. Cube will become a truly unusual, modern platform for ambitious and enterprising entrepreneurs who will fill this space with cultural events, for example, in the format of lectures, meetings, presentations, parties. The infrastructure of the park will allow you to entertain guests in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature.

30 January 2022

XXXIX International Opera Festival named after F.I.Chaliapin

From January 30 to February 22, 2022, the XXXIX International Opera Festival named after F.I.Chaliapin will take place on the stage of the Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theater named after M.Jalil. The poster of the forum includes 9 performances and 2 gala concerts with the participation of opera stars.

13 February 2022

Big Love Show 2022

On February 13, 2022, the best artists of the country will perform at the Tatneft Arena ice rink.

24 February 2022

The final board "Results of the work of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Tatarstan for 2021 and tasks for 2022

From February 24 to 25, the IV specialized agricultural exhibition of achievements of the agro–industrial complex - Tatagroexpo is scheduled to be host on the territory of the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Center. The organizers of the event are the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan and the joint-stock company "Republican Agro-Industrial Center for Investments and Innovations".