Helpful information


103 - an ambulance from any cell phone

112 - a single emergency number from any cell phone

Tell the dispatcher the most important:

1. Who is the victim - gender, approximate age (for example: middle-aged man, or more details if you know);

2. What happened (slipped, fell);

3. What is the state of the victim (injured both legs, cannot stand up, conscious, no wounds);

4. Where is the victim (intersection of Marks and Tolstoy streets, near house # 1 - if you know the exact address).

Emergency medical assistance for sudden acute illnesses, conditions, injuries, exacerbation of chronic diseases, that threaten the patient"s life is provided to foreign citizens by medical organizations free of charge.


Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan
Address: 420015, Kazan, st. Gorky, 23/27, PO Box 141
Phone: (843) 299-53-10, 299 -53-11
Fax: (843) 264-25-11
Consul General: Ismet Erikan

Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kazan

Address: 420107, Kazan, st. Spartakovskaya, 6 (3rd floor of the office and shopping center "Suvar-Plaza")
Phone: (843) 526-58-46
Fax: (843) 526-58-56
Acting Head: Mr.Bagheri Moghaddam Gholamreza

Consulate General of the Republic Kazakhstan in Kazan

Address: 420111, Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 8/13
Phone: (843) 202-05-92
Fax: (843) 223-06-69
Consul General: Zhanbolat Akhatovich Murzalin

 Consulate General of Hungary in Kazan

Address: 420107 Kazan, st. Spartakovskaya, 6
Phone: (843) 526 -55-52; 526-55-53
Fax: (843) 526-55-54; 
Website: hu / rus
Consul General: Adam Stifter

Consulate General of the People"s Republic of China in Kazan

Address: 420015, Kazan, st. Podluzhnaya, building 21
Phone: (843) 590-24-22
Fax: (843) 237-50-31
Consul General: Wu Yingqin

Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan

Address: Kazan, st. Spartakovskaya, 6, 5th floor
Phone: +7 (843) 526 55 64, +7 (843) 526 55 65
Fax: +7 (843) 526 55 63
Consul General: Fariddin Badriddinovich Nasriev

Consulate General of Turkmenistan in Kazan

Address: 420061, Kazan, st. Pereulok Sibirskiy, 6
Phone: +7(843) 272-52-7
Consul General of Turkmenistan in Kazan: Bayramov Atadurdy Haldurdyevich

Branch of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation in Kazan

Address: 420015, Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 61
Phone: (843) 236-99-48
Head: Oleg Filippovich Isaev

 Honorary Consul of the French Republic in Kazan

Andrey Nikolaevich Ershov
Address : 420111, Kazan, st. Rakhmatullina, 1
Phone: (843) 292-78-65
Mobile: +7 (987) 290-98-82

Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Spain in Kazan
Alberto Sobrino Espinosa

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Kazan
Sergey Pavlovich Marudenko

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in Kazan
Irek Faritovich Salikhov

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Namibia in Kazan
Alexander Borisovich Mezyaev

Honorary Consul of the Federative Republic of Germany in Kazan
Arno Roman Shyer 


Excursion center of Kazan

Excursion center - an additional office of the tourist information center of Kazan. Its employees organize bus excursions around Kazan, the Great Bolgar, the island-city of Sviyazhsk, Elabuga, Tetyushi and Chistopol. The excursions have a clear schedule, joining a group is very simple: buy a ticket and come to the meeting point at the appointed time. Tickets are booked on the website.

st. Pushkin, 4
+ 7 (843) 231-67-98, +7 (906) 323-20-28

Kazan Tourist Information Center

TIC specialists will give full information about the city, help to book a hotel and select an interesting excursion. Group and individual excursions in Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan are conducted by highly professional guides in Russian and other languages ​​of the world.  

st. Bauman, 49/10
+ 7 (843) 270-32-70

The tourist information center of the island-city of Sviyazhsk

TIC Sviyazhsk organizes excursions around the island-city. The one-storey building of the tourist information center stands at the entrance to the city. They will issue a free ticket to visit Sviyazhsk, answer questions and help you choose an excursion route.

st. Sviyaga River Embankment, 10
+ 7 (917 ) 862-55-84  

 Tourist Information Center of the city of Yelabuga

The Tourist Information Center organizes excursions for those who travel in groups and on their own. Here they develop individual tours with interactions - for example, riding on a 19th century phaeton, studying in workshops or drinking tea on the veranda in the Ivan Shishkin house-museum.

st. Gassara, 9
+ 7 (85557) 7-86-68

Excursion department of the Bulgarian State Museum-Reserve

Here they select an excursion route for tourists around the Bulgarian State Museum-Reserve, sell tickets to museums and souvenirs, and show videos about the ancient city in the recreation room.

st. Smirnova d. 56
+ 7 (84347) 3-16-32


The Tatarstan Tourism Development Center, together with Ak Bars Bank, has developed a free Tourist Pass application for tourists. It will help you save money in restaurants, cafes, museums, on excursions, keep abreast of the most interesting events and more. Tatarstan Tourist Pass combines a travel guide, a banking application and a loyalty program.

You can use the loyalty system in one of the following ways, depending on the institution:
- show the Tourist Pass application to the cashier before payment
- name the promotional code of the partner institution indicated on the page in the application
- receive a QR code and show it to the cashier or waiter
- in partner museums the discount is calculated automatically for contactless payment virtual card


Public transport is very developed in Kazan. There are buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro. Many stops are equipped with electronic displays that display route numbers and the time until the next transport arrives. You can also track the position of the vehicle on a map or using a mobile application (Yandex.Maps). All stations and stops are announced in three languages: Russian, Tatar and English.

The fare for any type of transport is 30 rubles, when paying with a bank or transport card - 27 rubles. Payment in ground transport is made to the conductor, in the metro - through the terminals.

Ground transport runs from about 6 am to 10 pm, the metro - from 6:00 to 00:00.

There are several taxi services in Kazan, both local and federal. If you need to call a car, and for some reason you want to order a taxi in Kazan by phone, and not through the app, we have collected all the necessary information in one place.

Yandex.Taxi Kazan

Phone number for calling a taxi in Kazan: +7 (843) 510-00-00

City mobile Kazan

Phone number for calling a taxi in Kazan: +7 (843) 288-88-88

Taxi DiDi Kazan

Phone number for calling a taxi in Kazan: +7 (843) 210-00-00

Taxi "Tatarstan" Kazan

Phone number for calling a taxi in Kazan: +7 (843) 567-15-67

Guests can always use carsharing services by downloading the app to their smartphone. In the capital of Tatarstan, the most popular are the federal carsharing operators "Telemobil" and "Yandex Drive".

Quicksharing - electric scooter rental increases its popularity. Unlike a car, it does not require a driver"s license and can slip through anywhere. The most common operators are "City Mobile" and "Whoosh".


Street names are indicated in 3 languages: Russian, English and Tatar


Kazan, st. Agronomicheskaya, 11
+ 7 (843) 570-39-93

18 May 2023

International Economic Summit "Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit-2023"

The aim of the Summit is to strengthen trade, economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural ties between Russia and the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

18 May 2023

International exhibition of Halal industry "Russian Halal Expo'23"

Russia Halal Expo is the largest Halal industry exhibition in Russia and the only one in the Volga Federal District, which will allow manufacturers of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad to present their Halal products and services, find new sales markets, and buyers to find reliable suppliers.

2 October 2023

6th Global WorldCALL Conference

WorldCALL aims to improve the teaching of languages using computers and learning in the global community. Conference will be hosted by Kazan Federal University, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Kazan, Russia. Tentative dates: 2 to 5 October 2023